Aero Brand Stamping Inks

The Aero Brand/Iimak Inks product catalog can be found by clicking on the “Products" link shown above!

Iimak/Aero brand inks are RoHS Compliant and are fully SDS Compliant!

Imprints made with ALL IIMAK inks are compliant with FDA 21CFR Compliant as well as (FSIS)
of the USDA, when the imprint is on the OUTSIDE of the package or carton. 
Double Click on the Inks Item# to select and obtain its S.D.S. & Product Spec sheet!
All Iimak/Aero brand Thinners are listed in the first two Items in Gallon and Quarts below!
Please note that there is a seperate minimum order requirement of $110.00 for the Iimak/Aero Brand Inks!
These inks are designated with a (#) sign prefix in the Item number!