Micro–Spray Marker Controllers

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The USM-100 and USM-100A Series Micro-Spray Marker Controllers have been designed to control the function of one or more USMR-20 Series Micro-Spray Markers in spot or stripe marking applications. These control systems incorporate the required pneumatic and electronic components in an easy to install package. Both controllers require connection to a source of clean, dry 80-100 psi compressed air and 115 VAC60Hz electrical power for operation.

The USM-100 & 100A controllers are identical in design except for the signal inputs they will accept for initiate triggering. The USM-100 Controller accepts only a dry contact closure input signal to initiate the marking cycle. The contact closure signal is typically supplies by either a micro switch, control relay or a relay output from a programmable logic controller. When a momentary or maintained contact initiate signal is received by the controllable one-shot timer. The standard one-shot timer outputs a .05-1 second signal to the solenoid valves and is adjusted by a potentiometer inside the cabinet. Optional one-shot timers are available to cover a wide range of output signal durations.

Since some parent equipment outputs an electrical signal of a specified voltage when the marking cycle is to be initiated, the USM-100A Controller contains an auxiliary plug-in relay to convert the electrical signal to the dry contact closure signal required for the Controller. The auxiliary relay is selected with a coil rated for the voltage of the supplied signal.

To apply a spot mark to a part, the one-shot timer is set to output trigger signal duration of approximately 100 milliseconds. On moving parts, stripe marks are applied as the part passes the stationary marker and the length of the stripe is determined by the distance the part travels in the time interval set on the one-shot timer. For example, if the one-shot timer is set for 1 second trigger signal duration and the part is moving at a velocity of 60 feet per minute, a 1 foot stripe mark will be applied.

Note: Special function controls, including those with Programmable Logic Controllers, are available upon request. Contact our Engineering Department for details.