Electronic Stencil Machine

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Stencil Express is the most advanced electronic stencil cutting system that is computer driven with state of the art software designed specifically to meet all varied stenciling requirements.
Note: The Stencil Express system consists of: Stencil & Decal cutter, cables, 45 degree blade (for Poly Only!) and new & updated software!

Stencil Software Package

The stencil and decal software program is key to operating this type of equipment. Our software is easy to use. It has features you need in order to cut stencils or decals. There are several stencil fonts, decal fonts and international symbols. We have found this software to be the easiest and most complete package available. Besides cutting stencils and decals, you can import the following files into our software package for cutting purposes: .eps, .ai and .dxf files. The stencil and decal package will work with Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7.