Rubber Stamps & Supplies

Offering a variety of hand-held devices for use with RIBtype®. Rib-base handle stamps that can be made in sizes to suit your needs. Self-inking stamps that have the ink pad built-in for fast and easy marking. Rocker stamps made of wood or even more durable aluminum that are recommended for large imprint areas. We also carry Mark II, Felt and Opaque stamp pads.

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The Insta Mark Series is a revolutionary fast dry, self-inking set of stamps for marking clear, sharp impressions on nonporous surfaces. These stamps are a cost effective and productive solution for your inspection marking process. The Insta Mark technology has combined industrial/mil-spec fast-drying inks with an airtight casing. This gives inspectors the mobility to mark nonporous surfaces without the need for a separate ink source (stamp pad).

Lead time:4-5 weeks

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Mark II Reversible Stamp Pads & Kits-Designed for use with all solvent based air-dry inks. The patented double-sided 2-3/8" x 3-7/8" stamp pad features an air-tight plastic container with two hinged overs.

Metal Case Stamp Pads- These durable cloth covered felt pads with hinged lids are great for heavy duty use with a variety of inks and come in a variety of sizes. The rubber seal between base and cover helps keep the pad moist and ready for use when used with slower drying solvent-based inks. Sizes range from 2-3/4" x 4-1/4" to 7"x11".

Opaque Stamp Pads- These cloth covered felt pads are attached to a wood base and are used by industries requiring special purpose opaque inks (thick & viscous or pigmented) for marking nonporous surfaces. These pads are supplied in pairs so that the two surfaces can be inked, then rubbed together for uniform distribution of the ink. This allows for clear, legible impressions over time.

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Heavy-duty metal self-inking stamps have the ink pad built-in for fast and easy marking. RIBbase is affixed to the die plate to allow for interchangeable messages. Available in sizes as small as 5/8" x 5/8" and as large as 2-1/2" x 4-3/4".

Justrite heavy duty self-inkers come with RIBbase on the die plate for changing messages, large plastic handles, and dry muslin felt pads (except the 105). Sizes range from 5/8" square to 2-1/2" x 4-3/4". The Justrite 105 is the largest self-inker made; it comes standard with a foam pad. Replacement pads for the Justrites are also available in all sizes.


In the RIBtype® system, ribs on the back of the type interlock with ribs on the marking device. This allows for fast changes of text for date coding and lot number changes. Graphics can also be incorporated in the type for product and brand identification.

Rubber type molded to a tongue-and-groove base interlocks to fit most rib base coders, Stamps and marking machines. Custom logo dies and individual sorts can also be produced to meet your specific requirements.

Each of our standard figure sets will now include 2 dashes (-) and 1-additional slash mark (/), for a total of 2 in each set. Value Pack figure sets will now have a total of 6 of each of these marks. These are especially useful for construction date codes in the format 05-01-08 and 05/01/08.

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This hand printer is light-weight weight, comfortable to use and makes changing ink rolls a snap. The disposable Poly-Ink rolls normally deliver thousands of imprints without the mess of re-inkable rolls. The re-inkable neoprene ink roll is recommended for high volume printing of large bold imprints, for use in cold environments or when special inks are required. Designed for absorbent surfaces. Uses ribtype quick-change rubber letters and numbers.

Poly-ink disposable ink rolls give you thousands of impressions with no liquid ink mess.

#01-050 Poly Ink Rolls, available in Black, Red, Blue or Green.

If you frequently need custom stamps and can’t wait for delivery, the Handle Stamp Mounts are the perfect solution. These wood handled hand stamps are rib backed to be used with RIBtype® rubber type, single characters or your company logo to make your own personalized stamp right when you need to.

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