Stencil Equipment and Supplies

American Marking, Inc. is an authorized Distributor for Marsh Shipping Supply as well as an authorized Dealer for Diagraph's Marking & Stenciling Products Group... backed with factory warranties & support that you can depend on! We carry inks, rollers, pads, stencil fountain rollers & brushes, stencil board, stencil machines, electronic & Super Size stencil machines.

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The Marsh Electronic Stencil Cutter ESC60 system is computer driven with state of the art software designed specifically to meet your varied stenciling requirements. The ESC60 uses DrawCut Lite software which includes designing, drawing, and arranging objects and text.

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The ESC60 Electronic Stencil Cutter uses robust DrawCut LITE software. It includes extensive technology features for designing, drawing,arranging objects and creating texts. This intuitive software installs, calibrates and controls the ESC60 cutting plotter comfortably and contains many clear and simple functions. When you purchase the computerized stencil machine you will receive a DrawCut LITE serial number by email that is required to download and install DrawCut LITE software.

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Marsh Rolmark and EFI Black meets both the performance & color specs for CID A-A-208D Type I & IV,   
Marsh Rolmark Yellow, White & Red and Spray White
only meet the performance spec!

Marsh Black Spray Ink meet both performance & color specs for CID A-A-208D.  Marsh White Spray ink meets the performance spec only.

Iimak/Aero Brand 42M Black complies to Fed Std Color#27038 Semi-Gloss shade and is formulated to meet both performance and color specifications of CID A-A-208D, Type I & IV.

If a written Certificate of Compliance is needed please specify this in the Instructions/Comments section located at the end of the ordering process!


The Marsh Stencil Machine makes the cleanest cuts with no tearing or pulling providing sharp clear marks. Combine the stencil machine along with the superb quality oil board, inks, and applicators, and you can be sure you have a ""system"" that will meet your coding needs.

They are treated with a special combination of triple boiled linseed oils to resist ink bleeding. That same oil lubricates the punches in your stenciling machine each time a character is cut extending the life of your stencil machine. .015" thick oilboard is recommended for 1/2" and larger character height stencil cutting machines. Cut with grain of the board to maintain rigidity and it will not tear or pull when cut. Premium Marsh Canary Oilboards with finer fibers than the standard grade oilboard produce extremely clean cut characters.

Click on the item numbers to see if Quantity Discounts are applied! The pump action of Marsh Fountain Roller gives you fast, uniform ink dispensing. The Marsh Fountain Brush ensures solid stencil coverage and strong, clear marks for uneven surfaces. Both Fountain Systems give a No-Mess operation- ink refill is at the handle end.

Pad & Roller Systems offer an inexpensive stenciling arrangement. Rollers are available in 1-1/2", 3", and 4-1/2" sizes. Stencil pads are 4-1/4" x 7-1/4"and have a hinged lid which closes tightly to prevent solvent evaporation. These boxes contain a natural latex foam pad and are used to re-ink the Jr. Series Rollers.

  • Gothic style
  • Slide together and come apart easily
  • Durable brass for long-lasting service
  • Clean with paint solvent
  • Minimums apply. May be combined with Brass or other Plastic interlocking stencils

Marsh Super Size Stencil Machine mixes different size characters for a custom-look. The Super Size cuts a complete stencil in a turn of the handle in character heights from 1/4" to 10". Eight metric sizes, Freight marking symbols and custom dies are also available upon request. Sharp, clean stencil cuts.
Note: The Super Size comes complete with stencil machine, stand, and cylinder. Character Sets are Sold Separately!

  • Made of interlocking flexible PVC plastic
  • Interlock together in the corners
  • Washable, or clean with a paint solvent
  • Minimums apply. May be combined with Brass or other Plastic interlocking stencils
Letter & Number sets are also available in mylar and oilboard. Please call for pricing.