Spot Markers

The USMR-20 Series Micro-Spray "Spot" Markers are designed for color coding applications where spot or stripe marks are required for identification or acceptance/rejection indication marks.

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Universal USMR-20AF Micro-Spray Markers

Universal USMR-20AF Micro-Spray Markers are designed to apply color coded spots or stripes on products during inspection to satisfy acceptance/rejection marking requirements. These low pressure atomizing spray markers are normally electrically triggered and can apply spot marks from 1/4" - 1" diameter on both porous and non-porous surfaces. The USMR-20AF Marker features an adjustable fluid control to regulate the amount of ink flowing into the atomizing air stream for precise control of the mark. The marker sprays an 18 degree conical spray pattern with negligible over spray. A stainless steel needle seats in the orifice after every cycle providing a self cleaning feature.

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The following is a partial listing of the pneumatic and electrical control components we stock for automatic marking system installations. These components are typically used in conjunction with Micro-Spray Marker and Reciprocating Coder applications.

If you need assistance in selecting the proper control components for your application please contact us and we will put you in contact with the Engineering Department for assistance.

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USM-GFR Gravity Feed Ink Reservoirs are used with both the USMR-20 Series Spot Markers and the PIDS Programmable Ink Delivery Systems. The reservoirs are available in 4 standard sizes with 16 Oz., 32 Oz., 64 Oz. and 128 Oz.capacities. All models include a mounting bracket and a brass ball valve with a compression type tube fitting for the standard 1/4” OD poly connecting tubes. The large diameter neck design with a threaded lid simplifies filling the reservoir. These units are compatible with both glycol and alcohol base coding inks and the ink level can be visually monitored through the translucent sides of the reservoir.

Mounting Brackets provide 7 independent -axis positioning adjustment for the USMR-20 Series Micro-Spray Markers. Stainless steel shafting and clamping style cross blocks enable the markers to be positioned in any attitude for hitting even those hard to reach locations. These mounts are available in both top and side mounting configurations. The split block style clamps can be loosened and tightened repeatedly without marring the shafts

Both of these mounting system models include two 3/4" diameter x 12" long stainless steel columns and one 1/2” diameter x 6" long shaft, a mounting base, two right angle blocks and an adjustable mounting block for the marker. Custom length columns and shafts are available by special order.

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The USM-100 and USM-100A Series Micro-Spray Marker Controllers have been designed to control the function of one or more USMR-20 Series Micro-Spray Markers in spot or stripe marking applications. These control systems incorporate the required pneumatic and electronic components in an easy to install package. Both controllers require connection to a source of clean, dry 80-100 psi compressed air and 115 VAC60Hz electrical power for operation.

The USM-100 & 100A controllers are identical in design except for the signal inputs they will accept for initiate triggering. The USM-100 Controller accepts only a dry contact closure input signal to initiate the marking cycle. The contact closure signal is typically supplies by either a micro switch, control relay or a relay output from a programmable logic controller. When a momentary or maintained contact initiate signal is received by the controllable one-shot timer. The standard one-shot timer outputs a .05-1 second signal to the solenoid valves and is adjusted by a potentiometer inside the cabinet. Optional one-shot timers are available to cover a wide range of output signal durations.

Since some parent equipment outputs an electrical signal of a specified voltage when the marking cycle is to be initiated, the USM-100A Controller contains an auxiliary plug-in relay to convert the electrical signal to the dry contact closure signal required for the Controller. The auxiliary relay is selected with a coil rated for the voltage of the supplied signal.

To apply a spot mark to a part, the one-shot timer is set to output trigger signal duration of approximately 100 milliseconds. On moving parts, stripe marks are applied as the part passes the stationary marker and the length of the stripe is determined by the distance the part travels in the time interval set on the one-shot timer. For example, if the one-shot timer is set for 1 second trigger signal duration and the part is moving at a velocity of 60 feet per minute, a 1 foot stripe mark will be applied.

Note: Special function controls, including those with Programmable Logic Controllers, are available upon request. Contact our Engineering Department for details.

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USM-80350 Pressure Reservoirs are used to increase the ink supply pressure to the USMR-20AF markers. Higher supply pressure allows more ink to flow into the atomizing air stream in a given time interval. The use of a pressure reservoir enables shorter duration triggering signals to be used and results in a faster reaction time for the marker. The pressure reservoirs are also recommended in applications requiring higher ink volume delivery. For most applications, tank pressure is set to 2-3 psi.

The USM-80350 is a 64oz. capacity unit complete with pressure regulator, gauge and disposable liner. The USM-80351 unit is similar to the USM-80350 but includes a pneumatically operated ink agitation system which keeps pigmented inks in uniform suspension during use. Disposable liners are available for both units.