Industrial Markers

Our marker line offers innovative features such as spring valves, valve-action felt-tips, stainless steel-ball tips, paint tubes, bottle markers and much more. A few of our products include AMI’s industry leading BM40, 916 & Steel Writer(s), Dykem®/Mark-Tex High Purity & High Temperature markers plus many more.

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Dykems High Temp markers are ideal for marking on surfaces that are exposed to extreme high temperature environments. Apply to a nonporous surface and the marks will become fused and permanent after heat is applied, even on surfaces that reach up to 2000 F(1093C).

Markals Hot Surface Paintstiks are real paint in stick form that have a marking range anywhere from 150 to 2200 degrees F. 

Tempilstik® Temperature Indicators the original temperature-indicating stick. Available in over 100 temperature ratings from 100°F to 2000°F (38°C to 1093°C).

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Sakura Water Soluble Crayons for temporary industrial applications

AMI’s 916 Water Removable and DYKEM®’s Rinz Off & Sudz off Markers to mark untreated metal

DYKEM® UV Marker for security purposes and is detectable by UV Light.

DYKEM® SAFE-MARK NSF Marker for marking safely on food contact surfaces

DYKEM® TUFF GUY™ is a heavy-duty, truly permanent ink marker

DYKEM® Mile Marker™ is a new general purpose, permanent ink marker that offers superior durability and marking lifespan and fast dry-time.

Markal Paintstik Markers are real lead-free paint in stick form. From extreme cold environments (-50 F) to High-heat work applications (2200 F), Markal Paintstiks are suitable for any surface that is smooth or rough, clean or oily. Solid Paint-Ambient Surface Markers : B - Marks any Material or Surface. B-E - For Marking Very Rough Surfaces. B-L - Bleeds Through Solvent-Based Paints. BL-W - Bleeds Through Water Based Paints. C - For Marking on Smooth Surfaces. E - For High-Visibility Marks. F - All Purpose Fluorescent Marker. Fast Dry -Dries in 5 Minutes. M - Marks Annealed, Normalized & Heat Treated Surfaces. N - Marks Will Not Show Through Top Coat. O-10 - Marks Heavily Oiled Surfaces. P - Removes in Pickling Bath. WS -Water Soluable.

  • Refillable Ink Markers 
  • Uses highest quality Marsh T-grade pigmented inks.
  • Rolmark and K inks can be used.
  • Valve action tip prevents ink dry out.
  • Excellent for shipping and sign making.
  • Chisel and round tips available.
  • Provides Years of Reliability!