Steel Writer Broad Round Tip 24 mm

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American Marking’s "Bottled" Steel Writers are utilized when contact marking is necessary for manual applications. A 2oz (1-3/4 oz fill) bottle marker that features a 5/8" round plastic valve-actuated tip utilizing a high pigmented/resin based "environmentally friendly" alcohol based ink. Steel Writers - are also great when utilized for quality control applications that require recognition of identifications used on underground pipe. When applied, the touch marker’s plastic “convex” cloth covered plastic valve-action tip will dimple in allowing ink to the surface thus producing a round color spot. It can also be used for lettering as well!
Meets Ford Engineering Material Specification ESE-M6B3-A1 & A2 and API Color codes.
Please note that we can accomodate this bottle marker with other specialty inks such as High Temp etc. to meet your specific needs. Please call